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  • Tuskegee Airmen
    Red Tails was the name of the first group of African-American airmen...
  • The Civil Rights Memorial
    The Civil Rights Memorial honors the achievements and memory of those who lost their lives...
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site
    Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site established on October 10, 1980...
Wall Mural Auburn Avenue - Atlanta GA

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Our Atlanta based company, offers exclusive customized tours for small and large groups with an interest in African American, Native American, Spanish American and General American Historical themes.
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Pennyman Specialty Tours, widely regarded as the city's most innovative historical sightseeing tour company, is introducing an exciting journey that will explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

Pennyman Specialty ToursPennyman Specialty Tours offers historical sightseeing trips thoroughout the United States, Canada and Caribbean. Our Atlanta based company, plans and operates exclusive customized tours for small and large groups with an interest in historical themes.

We offer the convenience of choice. You can choose one of our flexible intineraries or we can customized a destination of your choosing. You can add academic themes, attractions and college visits. You can choose from 1 to 10 day itineraries from February to November. Come travel with us as we trace the historic movement that changed a country and empowered people.

Experience Atlanta.... "Gateway to the South"

1African American Panoramic Experience... At the Apex museum, view the hisstory of "Sweet Auburn", described by Fortune Magazine as " The Richest Negro Street in theWorld, 1955". Take the historical pilgrimage down Auburn Avenue to the Marting Luther King jr. National Historic District, which encompasses Dr. Kings's birth home, the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Center for Non-Violent Social Change, as wellas other significant Blac Heritage sites in Atlanta.

2See Montgomery Alabama.... Where Rosa Parks refusal to surrender her seat on the city transit, triggered the Bus Boycott of 1956. Take and emotional walk to the Civil Rights Memorial, which honors the ordinary people that sacrificed their lives for fredom and racial equality.

3Relive... Hear the footsteps of Civil Rights marchers as they approached the Edmund Pettus Bridge and were brutally attacked by law enforcement officers on what tragically became known as "Bloody Sunday".

4Re-Examine... The story of Birmingham'srole in the nation's Civil Rights Movement. Visit Kelly-Ingram Park, where student participants were assualted by police dogs and fire hoses by Eugene "Bull" Connor's public safety officers... and just across the street, walk through the Civil Rights INstitute, as well astour the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, the site of the Sunday Morning bombing that killed four young Black school girls.

5Discover... The Tuskegee University National Historic Site