Modern Civil Rights Movement Chronology

The Modern Civil Rights Movement 1954 - 1968

Civil Rights Timeline:

Brown vs Board of Education-1954

Montgomery Bus Boycott-1955

First Black Student Admitted to U. Alabama-1956 SCLC Founded-1957 Little Rock Nine Enter Central High-1957

Voter Registration Crusade Begins-1958 Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-Ins Begin-1960 SNCC Founded-1960

Freedom Rides Begin-1961 James Meredith Enters U. of Mississippi-1962 SCLC Begins Birmingham

Campaign-1963 Medgar Evers Assassinated-1963 March on Washington-1963 16th Street Baptist Church

Bombed-1963 John F. Kennedy Assassinated-1963 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Founded-1964

Mississippi Freedom Summer/Voter Registration-1964 Civil Rights Act Signed-1964 Martin Luther King Jr. Wins

Nobel Peace Prize-1964 Selma Alabama Voting Rights Campaign Begins-1965 Malcolm X Assassinated-1965

Voting Rights Act Becomes Law-1965 SCLC takes Movement to Chicago-1966 Black Panther Party Founded-1966

Jackson State Students Killed by National Guard-1967 Thurgood Marshall Appointed to the Supreme Court-1967

Carl Stokes Elected Mayor of Cleveland-1967 Police Kill Students in Orangeburg Massacre-1968

Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated in Memphis TN-1968

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