Atlanta Tour

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At the APEX Museum... see the history of Sweet Auburn Avenue unfold in a video presentation called “Sweet Auburn Street of Pride”. Auburn Avenue, gave rise to the great Martin Luther King, Jr. This street literally shaped him in his early life. It was here that the young Martin Luther King Jr. was able influenced by nationally known, Black educators, entrepreneurs, preachers and professionals.


Atlanta Highlights

  • Sweet Auburn Avenue
  • APEX Museum
  • MLK Natl. Historic District
  • Atlanta University Center Schools

Your Experience

"I am humbled that you possess a genuine concern, sensitivity and passion for the population that we serve. It doesn’t take long for one to know that you feel it is essential and urgent that the students learn and adopt the vital historical information that you never fail to give them. They are enriched educationally, culturally and socially because of the well-prepared work that you do.”

Magdalyn Lowe,
Upward Bound Programs