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Chicago "Bronzeville" Heritage Tour Chicago sometimes known as the "Windy City" is the soul of the Midwest. One of the most successful metropolitan areas in the world. Chicago has a lot to be proud of. None should be prouder than African Americans since Chicago was founded by an African America Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable in 1779.

  • Venture...with us as we view Chicago from the top of the John Hancock Center ,one of the great architectural monuments to a city where the skyscraper was born.
  • Journey...back a generation ago, to the jewel of Chicago's Southside historically known as "Bronzeville", which was only second to Harlem in providing a rich legacy of cultural gifts to America. Bronzeville lifted the careers of many blues, gospel, jazz and R&B artist.
  • Visit...the Field Museum of Natural History with the completed skeleton of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil ever unearthed
  • Watch...the Beluga whales, dolphins, and harbor seals frolic in the 3 million-gallon saltwater Oceanarium at the Shedd Aquarium
  • See...Provident Hospital where Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open-heart surgery in the world.

Chicago Tour

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"It was also a tremendous educational experience for our students. As Justine Johnson stated after the tour, “I always knew I wanted to go to college, but now I know I must go to college and earn my degree.” That is a powerful statement from a tenth grader.”

Myrna R. Joseph
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